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Terms and Conditions

I don't draw:

gore (this can be discussed depending on the payment offered by the client).

I do draw:

OCs, fanarts, nsfw, furry, concept art, character sheets, banners, chibis, landscapes, emotes, animals, manga, pixel art animation, Yonkoma (4koma), pixel art, lolis, sprites, tile sets, yuri, yaoi, black and white, mechas, Background, SteamPunk, cyberpunk, biopunk, pokemon, criatures, monsters, cars/vehicles, GIFS, flats, machines, femboys, semi-humans, fullcolor, Photos, tomboys and futanari.

here are some examples:


1. I reserve the right to publish your completed commission on my social networks and to use your completed commission(s) as advertising or sample images for future commissions.

2. The commissions I do are mainly for personal use. If you want them for commercial use, the price increases by 115% of their original price.

3. in case of republishing your commission(s) anywhere, you must credit my social networks.


1. Prices are quoted from 30 USD (the price may increase depending on the complexity of commission), and are made through Paypal invoices (in USD currency).

2. To start the commission it is necessary to pay at least upfront 60% of the total payment.

3. If the invoice is not paid on the agreed date, an additional 15% of the original price will be added, and this percentage will be increased by 10% for each day that it takes to pay the invoice after the agreed date.

Note: If you do not want me to publish your order on the Internet, it will be considered a private order and you will have to inform me when placing the order. Private orders will always increase the price by 50% of the original price.


1.Depending on the complexity of the assignment, I will provide a sketch or sketches for the final work.
After that, I will continue with the lineart stage with colors or grayscale and finally the final piece. In between these sketches, I can provide some WIP (work in progress).

2. Revisions can be made in the line art phase (the limit for them is 1).
Once the limit is exceeded, it will be equivalent to 25% of the total price.


1. I, as the artist, have the right to cancel and refund the commission at any time.

2. Cancellation will only be accepted at the sketch stage and the customer will be charged 40% of the original price.


if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by clicking on any of the buttons below.or send me a message via discord: